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Functional Medicine of Idaho provides Healthcare for all stages of life. Telemedicine services are also available in the following states: Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona and Florida.

Adult Healthcare


Patient-centered medicine that addresses the root cause of disease and gives the patient the ultimate power to heal.

Women's Healthcare


Proactive, comprehensive healthcare that supports the health and well-being of women in every phase of life.

Men's Healthcare


Individualized, science-based healthcare that promotes lasting strength and vitality for men at any age.

Pediatric Care


Family-centered care that cultivates the health and growth of children throughout all stages of development.

Nutrition Counseling


Personalized nutrition counseling that uses food as a first-line therapy to address the root cause of chronic disease.

Health Coaching


Health coaching that helps identify sources of motivation and facilitates successful, sustainable behavior change.


Vitamins &

Quality supplements that may be used to enhance a treatment protocol or temporarily bridge a nutritional gap.

Specialty Testing


Specialized testing to assess nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, hormone levels, toxin exposures, and more.

About FMI

At FMI, we believe that functional medicine is just good medicine. We believe in providing compassionate healthcare that ultimately gives our patients the power to heal. Our team of practitioners are deeply invested in the health optimizing, life transforming, root cause medicine they practice.

What sets FMI apart? We offer a full spectrum of functional health care – from pediatrics to adult specialties and everything in between! This multi-specialty collaboration allows our team of providers to work together in an environment that fosters continued education and growth, so that together, they can all provide a higher level of care to our patients.

Helping People Flourish Since 2018

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Client Testimonials

"At the age of 47, I suffered a heart attack. While the cardiologist was unable to find a reason for my heart attack, FMI was willing to dig deeper to find the root cause of my problem. Since then, they have helped me get completely off of the Statin drugs prescribed by the cardiologist. I feel healthier and stronger, and I can’t recommend FMI enough!"
Mike - FMI Patient
“Functional Medicine of Idaho has changed my life by giving me the information, education and confidence to control my health and wellness. Since being diagnosed with pre-diabetes based on thorough testing at FMI and personal advocacy, I now eat healthier, exercise smarter, reduce stress and avoid toxins. Thank you!”
Kim - FMI Patient
“Like many executives, I’ve lived a life at “full speed”, until the day my body gave out, with literally no energy to do hardly anything. Thanks to the team at Functional Medicine of Idaho, I have changed my diet, improved my sleeping condition, and am on the rebound to a more fully functioning body and a more rewarding lifestyle.”
David - FMI Patient

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