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Functional Healthcare For All Stages Of Life

Driven by a commitment to address the underlying causes of health issues, rather than just symptoms, owners Samuel and Amber Warren laid the groundwork for FMI’s philosophy. At Functional Medicine of Idaho, we are proud to carry forward their vision, offering personalized and integrative healthcare that emphasizes the interconnectedness of the body’s systems. Our dedication to patient-centered care is shaped by the lessons learned from the Warrens’ own path to healing. Join us at Functional Medicine of Idaho as we continue to build upon this history, helping families embark on their own journey toward optimal health and vitality. Samuel Warren, chief executive officer and co-owner of FMI, articulates his vision with enthusiasm: “It’s a privilege to be a part of functional medicine and its role as the future of medicine, enabling our organization to drive efforts that improve health and wellness for our community.”

THE FMI Mission

Helping People Flourish

Our mission at FMI is centered on helping people flourish by providing personalized and integrative healthcare that addresses the root causes of health issues. We are committed to empowering individuals at any stage of life on their journey to optimal well-being, guiding them toward a flourishing and vibrant life. Amber Warren encapsulates FMI’s philosophy: “Our philosophy is that everyone has the potential to achieve wellness, and we want to be a part of their journey to restore quality of life and optimize their health. We have been blessed with the most unbelievable people that are ready to heal this nation.”

History of FMI


Original practice founded in 1995, formerly known as Functional & Integrative Medicine of Idaho by Dr. Eberharter


March 2018 - Boise practice acquired by Samuel and Amber Warren


Launched Telemedicine/virtual offerings


2nd location added in Meridian with approximately 30 team members


Meridian Wellness Center finalized construction and move-in


FMI Eagle office opens

Old FMI Eagle Clinic

2022 - Spring

Functional Medicine Foundations comes to life, a sister company of FMI

2022 - Summer

First programs and packages rolled out under FMF/FMI Center for Optimal Health

2022 - Fall

FMF podcast launched!

2023 - Fall

New FMI Center for Optimal Health location grand opening in Eagle. www.FMIoptimal.com

FMI Center for Optimal Health

2024 - March

Voted #1 for Best Women's Clinic (Gold) and #2 for Best Pain Management Clinic (Silver) in the Idaho Statesman's Boise Favorites contest with over 84,000 votes cast!

Rated #1 on Boise Favorites

The best is yet to come!