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2023 Podcast Wrap-Up!

Back in 2022, we embarked on an audacious dream to launch our very own podcast, and in October of that year, the Functional Medicine Foundations Podcast, hosted by our very own Amber Warren, PA-C came to life! Our aim was to dive deeper into relevant health topics in a refreshing way, fostering education and inspiration for listeners on their own journey towards optimal health. Fast forward to the end of 2023, and we’re thrilled to announce some remarkable achievements:

Global Reach:
The Functional Medicine Foundations Podcast was streamed in 29 countries! The Top 10 most listened-to countries are:

The United States
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia

Diverse Platforms:
The FMF Podcast reached audiences through 22 different podcast streaming platforms, with the Top 3 being:

Apple Podcasts

Top 3 Episodes:
Our top-performing episodes in 2023 were:

Episode 20:
 The Fat Loss Episode with Amber Warren, PA-C (stream here)
Episode 23: Revolutionary and Game-Changing Breakthroughs with Peptide Therapy (stream here)
Episode 16: Healing from Mold, Lyme, Parasites & More with Dr. Charles Penick, MD (stream here)

Looking ahead, we’re excited to announce that recording for 2024 is already underway! Anticipate more engaging guests, in-depth health conversations, and live studio audience opportunities for those in the Eagle, Idaho area where the FMF Podcast is recorded. Our first episode of 2024 drops this coming Wednesday, January 3rd!

We extend our sincere gratitude for your ongoing support. Whether you tune in on your phones, in your car, or on your computers, we’re honored to be part of your listening journey. Join us as we remain dedicated to Helping People Flourish in our clinics and in the podcast world. Thank you for being a valued listener!

Helping People Flourish,


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