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4 Reasons Boise Is The Place To Be!

Boise’s hidden gem status is a thing of the past! The sense of freedom is palpable, it’s no wonder families have been flocking to this vibrant city! And when you combine all the wonderful aspects of Boise with a rockstar team of medical professionals, it becomes even more remarkable.

Allow us to introduce you to the extraordinary ladies of the Boise Functional Medicine of Idaho dream team: Karen Callagy (PA-C), Amy Ray (FNP), Tamra Geryk (FNP-C), and Elizabeth Hingley (NP-C).

These exceptional leaders bring a multi-faceted approach to Adult Care, Men and Women’s Health. They believe in the power of teamwork, and they are supported by a dedicated team that shares their vision. Together, they deliver patient-centered medicine that focuses on addressing the root cause of disease, empowering patients with the ability to heal. Boise FMI provides proactive, comprehensive healthcare that supports women’s health in every stage of life. For men, they offer personalized, science-based healthcare that promotes lasting strength and vitality, regardless of age.

If you want to discover more about why Boise is the place to be, simply click here. You can also conveniently inquire about scheduling an appointment with Karen, Amy, Tamra, or Elizabeth by calling (208) 385-7711. With these 4 dynamic world changers working together to bring continual healing to the city, you better believe the best days for Boise are still ahead!

Helping People Flourish,

Functional Medicine Of Idaho

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