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4 Simple Tips to Conquer Seasonal Allergies

by Functional Medicine of Idaho

Seasonal allergies affect over 50 million Americans and rank as the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. Your immune system is vital for protecting your body, however, it can sometimes mistake harmless substances as threats, triggering allergic reactions. Combining seasonal irritants like pollen with everyday environmental toxins can make these reactions worse.

To address the root cause of allergies, we focus on lifestyle factors that can intensify immune reactions. Here are 4 simple tips to help you reduce and conquer allergy symptoms this spring:

Limit Allergen and Toxin Exposure: To minimize allergies, reduce exposure by keeping doors and windows closed, avoiding artificial fragrances, showering after outdoor exposure, washing pajamas and bed sheets frequently, maintaining HVAC systems, and using non-toxic personal hygiene products. You can reference the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database to search for non-toxic hygiene products.

Manage Stress: 
Stress can worsen allergies, so finding effective stress management techniques is crucial. Consider exercises like meditation, yoga, or mindfulness.

Heal Your Gut:
 Support your gut health by avoiding food triggers, eating clean, and including anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine foods in your diet. Proper hydration reduces the histamine response. Aim to consume about half of your body weight (pounds) in fluid ounces throughout the day.

Support Your Immune System: Certain nutrients like B vitamins, fish oil, and vitamins C and D can help support your immune system. We recommend supplements like Histacalm, Histacalm Jr, Quercetin, and Fibroprotek, which contain natural ingredients known to support immune health and reduce histamine production.

Histacalm and Histacalm Jr:
These blends contain natural ingredients with anti-histamine properties that support healthy mucus membranes. They include stinging nettle, a nutrient-rich herb known for its anti-histamine properties. Researchers believe stinging nettle can help reduce histamine production in the body. The blends also contain bromelain and quercetin, among other supportive substances. (Available here)

Quercetin is a flavonoid that can reduce histamine production and certain pro-inflammatory mediators in the body. This can help reduce inflammatory symptoms in the sinus cavity and respiratory tract. Quercetin also has mucus-regulating properties. (Available here)

This blend contains several flavonoids, including luteolin, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and immune-enhancing functions. Luteolin has been found to decrease inflammatory responses in the airway and respiratory tract. (Available here)

If you’re still experiencing allergy symptoms despite these changes, further testing may be necessary. Our team at FMI is here to partner with you to identify the root cause of your allergies and create an individualized treatment plan. By taking proactive steps to manage allergies and support your immune system, you can enjoy a happy and healthy spring. We wish you a season filled with joy, renewed vitality, and vibrant health. Here’s to a wonderful spring ahead!

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