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Early Spring Special: Gut Health

The Probiotic Early Spring Special features 3 essential probiotics specially designed for those undergoing antibiotic treatments due to the current rise in sinus and respiratory infections.

Saccharomyces Boulardii: This probiotic yeast is known for its antibiotic-resistant properties, ensuring optimal gut health during antibiotic use.

UltraFlora Acute Care: Formulated with Saccharomyces Boulardii and two additional strains, this supplement provides comprehensive digestive support while you undergo your treatment.

Ortho Spore Complete: Post-antibiotic use, replenish your gut flora with Ortho Spore Complete. Featuring sporing bacteria, known for its resilience against stomach acid, this supplement is vital for restoring the balance of good bacteria in your gut.

Fortify your gut health during and after antibiotic treatments. Visit funmedshop.com today to learn more and take advantage of 10% off savings on these 3 supplements from now until the first day of spring, March 19th @ Midnight MST.

For your ease and well-being, our providers have carefully curated hundreds of quality supplements available at funmedshop.com. Enjoy a 15% discount on monthly subscriptions and complimentary shipping on orders exceeding $50. Your health is our utmost priority, and we are here to guide you towards informed decisions that contribute to your longevity!

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