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Enhance Your Health with FMI’s Expanded IV Therapy Options!

We’re thrilled to announce that FMI has expanded its IV Therapy options! In addition to transformative therapies like NAD+ and the Blood Purification Protocol, we now offer 8 exciting IV add-on options:

IV Add-on Options:

  • Zinc: Supports immune system, skin health, and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Amino Blend: Boosts energy, supports the immune system, enhances blood flow, and promotes skin and bone health.
  • Biotin: Aids in healthy cell growth, blood sugar regulation, cognitive function, cholesterol support, and hair/skin/nail health.
  • B12: Essential for metabolism, blood cells, nerve function, and energy production from carbs and fats.
  • B Complex: Converts nutrients into energy, reduces stress response, and maintains clear, healthy skin.
  • Lipo Plus: Promotes fat burning, sugar processing, liver detox, and enhances metabolism.
  • D3: Vital for vitamin D deficiency, bone and nerve health, and immune system support.
  • Ondansetron: Effective for combating nausea.

You can select up to three IV add-ons per IV Therapy appointment with the guidance of our experienced IV nurses.

IV Therapy offers a wide range of health benefits, including boosting energy, enhancing immune function, detoxifying the body, preventing illnesses, and combating chronic conditions. By delivering nutrients directly into the veins, IV therapy bypasses the GI tract, thereby enhancing cellular nutrient uptake. This makes it an excellent tool for expediting your journey back to health.

During an IV Therapy Consult, your provider will determine the best IV Therapy for your unique health and wellness needs. These customizable therapies can enhance immune function, detoxification, cellular repair, and energy levels, among other benefits. We’re excited to help you flourish with our expanded IV Therapy services!

Call (208) 385-7711 ext. 302 to schedule your next IV Therapy appointment at the FMI Meridian location! Learn more about IV Therapy here and explore the various options available to you.

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