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Health-Focused Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This Mother’s Day, give Mom the gift of better health and enjoy fantastic savings along the way! FMI is dedicated to adding maximum value to our community as we are on a mission to Helping People Flourish. That’s one of the reasons why we’re delighted to offer specials savings and perks on our online store which includes FREE shipping on orders over $50 and 15% off monthly subscriptions! For thoughtful supplements for stress relief and optimal health for mom, click here: www.funmedshop.com/collections/mothers-day

Here are additional health-focused Mother’s Day gift ideas along with discounts:

Purity Coffee

Experience purity in every sip of coffee with toxin-free, antioxidant-rich coffee beans for optimal health.

10% Off Code: FUNMEDID – Click Here

Sprout Living

Fuel vitality with plant-based protein, rich in nutrients for a nourished body and sustainable energy.

20% Off Code: IDAHO20 – Click Here

Revitalize health with a fast-mimicking diet, nourishing the body for cellular regeneration.
20% Off – Click Here

Higher DOSE

Elevate mom’s life with infrared, PEMF, and red light devices, transforming her health and beauty routine.

15% Off Code: FUNMEDRENEW – Click Here


The best Personal Infrared Sauna & more! The highest quality products that heal.

10% Off Code: RENEWINST – Click Here

Sunlighten Sauna

Dwell in wellness with Sunlighten Saunas’ healing heat, enhancning health and vitality naturally.

Save Up To $600 – Click Here

Berkey Filters USA

At Berkey, clean water flows naturally, delivering the #1 gravity water filtration system for your hydration needs.

10% Off – Click Here

Do Not Age

Cutting-edge science to deliver unparalleled health benefits and longevity supplement support.

10% Off Code: Functional10 – Click Here

Investing in mom’s health is not just a gift for her, but a timeless gesture of love so she can continue cherishing moments with her loved ones for many years to come!

Helping People Flourish,

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