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Healthy School Year Essentials

As we approach the upcoming school season, we would like to discuss some essential back-to-school products that can provide valuable support for your children in various ways!

Firstly, let’s talk about Elderberry Syrup. This remarkable product not only boasts a pleasant taste but also offers significant antiviral properties. It can be incorporated into coconut yogurt or gluten-free pancakes, or simply taken directly. Elderberry Syrup is particularly beneficial in preventing exposure to cold and flu during the season, and it has been shown to reduce the duration of cold and flu symptoms. The presence of a protein called hemagglutinin inhibits virus replication within the body’s cells, which results in shorter periods of sickness. Multiple studies have demonstrated patients experiencing symptom relief in as little as four days, rather than the typical seven days. With its delightful fall flavor, Elderberry Syrup is an excellent addition to your family’s health regimen.

Next, we recommend considering CogniMag, a formulation containing magnesium L-theronate. Magnesium is a vital mineral for the body, and the brain heavily relies on it for optimal functionality, memory, and focus. By supporting the nervous system, CogniMag also aids in managing stress responses. The powder form of CogniMag is particularly well-suited for children, as it’s easily consumed and contributes to their cognitive development.

Finally, we’d like to introduce GABA, a naturally occurring neurotransmitter in the brain that promotes a sense of calm in the nervous system. Combined with L-theronate, an amino acid that supports GABA production, this product serves as a gentle and effective way to address stress, sleep issues, and focus challenges in children. The sublingual pump delivery method ensures efficient absorption of GABA and L-theronate, making it easy for kids to take.

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Wishing your children a successful and healthy school year ahead!

-Functional Medicine of Idaho

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