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Hope & Healing with Blood Purification Protocol (EBO2)

“After recovering from COVID last year, I was having heart palpitations, trouble taking deep breaths, and was struggling with my energy. I got a Blood Purification Protocol done and within a short time felt all of my lasting symptoms decrease dramatically.” -Yarah, real BPP patient (45)

When traditional approaches fall short, exploring alternative therapies can offer hope and a new path toward healing. That is why we are thrilled to offer Blood Purification Protocol (BPP) or EBO2. This is a game-changing protocol that can be used to fight chronic inflammation in the body and a host of diseases, including autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases. The Blood Purification Protocol effectively filters the blood to remove heavy metals, fats, cholesterols, and inflammatory proteins. Many people facing similar challenges have experienced dramatic benefits to their health, noticing significant improvements in their day-to-day lives!

• Using one of two IV lines, blood is removed from the patient’s body.
• The blood goes through multiple steps of filtration and then undergoes ozonation, oxygenation, & photomodulation (with Red & UV light).
• The blood is immediately returned to the patient’s body using the second IV line.
• This process lasts between 45 & 90 minutes.

• Reduced inflammation
• Regenerative cell activation
• Improved energy
• Strengthened immune system
• Reduced brain fog
• Better sleep
• Increased endurance
• Reduced frequency of sicknesses
• Reduced overall body pain
• Stimulation of white blood cells
• Detoxification

• Inflammation
• Autoimmune related diseases
• Bacterial & viral pathologies
• Brain fog
• Cardiovascular disease
• Fatigue
• Fibromyalgia
• Lyme disease
• Mold exposure
• Sleeping difficulties
• Idiosyncratic issues

If you are a patient with FMI, your provider can facilitate the ordering of the Blood Purification Protocol and refer you to FMI Center for Optimal Health. Additionally, you can contact the Center for Optimal Health directly at (208) 609-9130 via call or text to inquire further or schedule a consult to determine if the Blood Purification Protocol is a beneficial addition to your health regimen. Consultations are priced at $99 for up to 30 minutes, with the option to apply this fee towards the cost of the protocol. To learn more, conveniently inquire online, and watch a video of the protocol, you can click here.

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