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It’s Time to Determine Whether Eating Particular Diets Can Help Heal Us More Than Drugs

Anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs are designed to decrease inflammation, but not to heal the inflamed area of the body. Why not find an alternative that is designed to actually encourage healing — delivered not in the form of a chemically produced pill but as a naturally occurring nutrient found in food? In the age of big pharmacy drugs being used as “cure-alls” for a society that is sicker than ever, perhaps we might need to consider diet instead to heal ourselves. There’s already clinical evidence that suggests the impact of a healthy gut on longevity, on neurological diseases and even on mental states, and a healthy gut is created by a healthy diet. The Functional Medicine approach to health seeks to rebuild each patient’s current diet from scratch, removing the aspects of food that incite or perpetuate particular diseases, based on each person’s particular genetic attributes. That is why each FMI patient’s health plan is individualized and so nutritionally focused — because we truly believe the right nutrition for your body can optimize your health.
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