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Lymphatic Flow Massage

A Whole-Body Approach To Optimal Health.


The Lymphatic Flow Massage system offers an innovative, non-invasive natural therapy featuring a 3-in-1 sensory treatment of compression, thermodynamic heat, and deep pressure to enhance both physical and mental well-being.

This distinctive blend of therapies aids in toxin release by inducing a ‘rest and restore’ state, aligning with our body’s natural processes to deactivate fight-or-flight responses and promote healing and repair. 

The Lymphatic Flow Massage facilitates a restorative state for optimal wellness. This cutting-edge approach influences physiological processes, such as heart rate and blood pressure, promoting deep relaxation over fight-or-flight responses to support your body’s natural repair, rejuvenation, and reset mechanisms. 

Clinically proven to reduce fatigue, improve sleep, and alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety, this low-risk therapy seamlessly integrates into your health and wellness routine.

Lymphatic Flow Massage Benefits


1 Single 45-Minute Session: $100

3-Session Pack: $255 (Save 15%)

5-Session Pack: $375 (Save 25%)

All sessions are 45 minutes each.


  • Restore balance and support natural self-healing mechanisms
  • Enhance sports performance, recovery, and endurance
  • Increased energy levels and combat fatigue
  • Enhance sleep quality and reduce stress
  • Increase mobility and flexibility
  • Aid in weight management
  • Improve mental acuity
  • Alleviate anxiety

Call (208) 385-7711 ext. 302
to schedule your Lymphatic Flow Massage!
Sessions take place at the FMI Meridian location.




  • Experience the ultimate in full-body therapeutic care with the Lymphatic Flow Massage suit, a comprehensive solution covering legs, abdomen, arms, and torso.
  • Featuring 22 chambers that inflate sequentially, this suit delivers cyclical and consistent pressure, ensuring a systemic therapeutic experience.
  • Enhanced with customizable pressure settings for each chamber, two pre-programmed modes (sports and relaxation), and various cycles for individualized treatments, this suit offers unparalleled versatility.
  • Velcro fasteners ensure a comfortable fit for all body shapes, while the option for separate thermotherapy in each section adds to its customizable nature.
  • Crafted from durable fibre carbon and equipped with proprietary nano vibrational technology, this suit provides a cutting-edge solution for improved energy flow and overall well-being.

Call (208) 385-7711 ext. 302
to schedule your Lymphatic Flow Massage!
Sessions take place at the FMI Meridian location.

Lymphatic Flow Massage FAQs

Cyclic Pneumatic Compression: This innovative technique delivers targeted compression to various body areas, stimulating natural flow and aiding in the release of toxins.

Far-Infrared Heat: By gently enveloping the body in soothing warmth, this therapy promotes relaxation, supports better sleep, and enhances overall health, creating an environment conducive to healing and balance restoration.

Deep-Pressure Therapy: Mimicking the sensation of a comforting hug, this aspect of the massage induces deep relaxation, helping the body shed the burdens of daily stress and tension.

Lymphatic Flow Massage may not be suitable for individuals with the following conditions:

  • Acute inflammation (e.g., phlebitis and thrombosis)

  • Complications from infections (e.g., ulcers)

  • Pregnancy

  • Back or hip issues (unless approved by a physician)

  • Broken bones

  • Abdominal spinal curvature

  • Congestive heart failure

It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before undergoing this treatment to ensure it’s safe for your specific situation.

Attire: Please wear long sleeves and full-length trousers for your session, as you will remain fully clothed. Loose-fitting clothing is recommended for comfort.

Preparation: Refrain from applying lotions, oils, creams, or perfumes before your session to ensure optimal results.

Hydration: Drink plenty of water, approximately six to eight glasses, before and after each session to support your body’s detoxification process.

For best results, we recommend a series of regular sessions over a one-off approach. This allows your body more opportunities to enter a parasympathetic state, aiding in its ability to reset and repair.

We suggest a minimum of three sessions, with at least three days between each session. Ideally, schedule one session per week. There is no limit to the number of sessions you can have.

Continue to hydrate by drinking six to eight glasses of water before and after each session to assist your body’s detoxification process.

Lymphatic Flow Massage promotes your body’s natural healing abilities and is generally free of harmful side effects.

You may experience an increase in bladder and/or bowel activity or a minor detox reaction as toxins are eliminated.

The most common detox symptom is a slight headache. To minimize these effects, stay hydrated and maintain your water intake before and after your session.