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National Protein Day

National Protein Day is February 27 and a day we shed light on the health benefits of one of the body’s most basic building blocks: PROTEIN. Protein helps develop bones, skin, cartilage, and blood — also increasing energy, promoting weight loss and increased muscle gains.⁠

Here are some facts about protein:⁠
• Protein is found in every cell in the human body.⁠
• Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are used to grow new body tissues, including muscle.⁠
• Exercise causes damage to muscle tissue and athletes need to repair the damaged muscle proteins. The process of breaking down and rebuilding over time leads to muscle growth and increased strength.⁠

Here are a few protein-rich foods:⁠
• Lean chicken⁠
• Lean pork⁠
• Fish⁠
• Lean beef⁠
• Beans⁠
• Lentils⁠
• Low-fat yogurt⁠
• Milk⁠
• Cheese⁠
• Seeds⁠
• Nuts⁠
• Eggs⁠

Protein is a very important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. We recommend 10% to 35% of your daily calories coming from protein, but age and body habitus play a role in determining the best amount for each individual body. Protein is essential every day, so make sure you’re consuming the right amount for a healthier, stronger, and better YOU!

Happy National Protein Day!

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