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New Early Detection For 50+ Cancers

What if we could transform the dialogue surrounding cancer? We understand that early detection significantly improves survival rates. Up to 71% of cancer-related deaths result from cancers that are not routinely screened for, often presenting no symptoms until advanced stages, when treatment options are limited. But what if a simple blood draw could lead to better treatment outcomes and an increased chance for survival?

At Functional Medicine of Idaho and FMI Center for Optimal Health, we have the ability to order a new test that detects more than 50 types of cancer. Most of these cancers have no screening tests today.

How does the test work? Every cell in your body releases DNA into the bloodstream, including cancer cells, which have distinct DNA compared to healthy cells. This test examines the DNA in your blood to identify any that may have originated from cancer cells, and it can also predict the likely location of the cancer in your body. It’s important to continue with any routine cancer screening tests recommended by your healthcare provider, such as mammograms and colonoscopies, to maximize early detection. It’s also crucial not to ignore any symptoms that may arise, as this could lead to a delayed diagnosis. If the test detects a cancer signal, it can pinpoint the likely location of the cancer in your body with high accuracy.

Age is the biggest risk factor for cancer. In fact, adults over age 50 are 13 times more likely to have cancer compared to people under the age of 50. The test is available by prescription only. Use of the test is not recommended in women who are pregnant, 21 years old or younger, or undergoing active cancer treatment.

Consult your healthcare provider at Functional Medicine of Idaho or FMI Center for Optimal Health to determine if the test is suitable for you. It’s important to understand that the test does not detect all cancers and should complement routine cancer screening tests. This testing is part of Dr. Holthouse’s Precision Age Reversal program, which you can learn more about here. To schedule your next appointment with Dr. Holthouse at the FMI Center For Optimal Health clinic, click here or text/call 208-609-9130.

Patients at Functional Medicine of Idaho or FMI Center for Optimal Health can request this multi-cancer early detection test through their healthcare provider:

Functional Medicine of Idaho: (208) 385-7711
FMI Center for Optimal Health: (208) 609-9130

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