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Pass It On Project

The Pass It On Project is a program created by Columbia Bank to partner with small businesses throughout the Northwest to perform services for people whose lives have been adversely impacted by the pandemic or the economic downturn it caused. We were so honored to be selected for this program and wanted to take it a step further to truly help transform the health of someone in our local Treasure Valley community. 

By matching the generous donation from Columbia Bank, we were able to gift six months of all-inclusive functional medicine healthcare to a single mom in our community. Her work as a doula had been significantly cut back because of COVID restrictions in hospitals. We are thrilled to provide free healthcare and support to someone in our community who has spent her entire life supporting others.

“Probably the biggest impact we’ve noticed from this pandemic is the downstream effects… depression, anxiety, struggling with losing their jobs, the stress that that has brought, dramatically impacts somebody’s immune system and their health. We’ve chosen a single mom in the community who is a doula, she’s been home, not working as much, has been financially impacted, and she’s noticed an increase in her anxiety and depression, through all of this. 

We get to offer this mom free care with us at FMI, and we’re matching what Columbia Bank is doing to make that gift go ever further.” Amber Warren, PA-C and FMI Owner said.

We feel so humbled and blessed to give back to our community thanks to Columbia Bank and their Pass It On Project. Now more than ever, we are committed to showcasing the importance of functional medicine and how a healthy lifestyle is vital to everyone’s well being and vitality. It is an honor to help foster a healthier community for our neighbors during these unprecedented times. 

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