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Impactful Testimonies: Shane & Natalie of the Boise Bubble Podcast

We’re thrilled to bring you a special episode of the Functional Medicine Foundations Podcast! For the first time, our host Amber Warren PA-C interviews the dynamic husband-and-wife duo, Shane and Natalie Plummer. As the owners and directors of the Boise Bubble Podcast and FMI patients, the Plummers open up about their journey from conventional to functional medicine. In this honest conversation, Shane and Natalie share their personal stories, including the challenges they faced with traditional healthcare, such as misdiagnoses and impersonal treatment. They offer valuable advice for anyone considering alternative medicine, emphasizing the importance of finding the right practitioner and building a supportive community.

The episode wraps up with powerful reflections on patient advocacy and the transformative potential of integrative health approaches. You won’t want to miss this raw episode as Shane and Natalie passionately discuss the importance of normalizing good health, asking questions, and maintaining high standards of care. Tune in now and get inspired to take charge of your health! ⁣

Listen to “Episode 37: The Departure from Conventional Medicine with Shane and Natalie Plummer” on the Functional Medicine Foundations Podcast available everywhere. Watch the podcast on our YouTube channel.

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