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What is Inflammation?

Inflammation occurs naturally as part of your body’s immune response. When your body experiences an “insult,” like an injury, an invading chemical, or a foreign microbe, it sends inflammatory cells to the rescue, which may cause redness, swelling, or even pain. This is natural and normal. ⁠

Problems can arise, however, when these insults become prolonged and your body is continuously stimulated to produce inflammation.⁠

This chronic inflammation means your body constantly in a state of high alert and it can wreak havoc on your system. Ongoing stimulus, like stress, chronic infections, a highly processed diet, high sugar consumption, poor digestive health, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, exposure to toxins, and lack of sleep, can trigger major health concerns.⁠

The good news is that your inflammation levels are somewhat in your control. Diet and lifestyle factors play a huge role in increasing your risk of inflammation. ⁠

Some experts say you can fight inflammation with a healthy diet:⁠

• Eat high-quality, dietary fats like cold-water fish, avocados, free-range egg yolks, and extra virgin olive oil⁠

• Eat colorful fruits and non-starchy vegetables that are high in phytonutrients and antioxidants⁠

• Maintain lower and consistent insulin levels⁠

• Reduce your consumption of processed foods and sugar⁠

• Identify and reduce any food triggers ⁠

• Take medication for chronic pain only when necessary

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