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June Is National Men’s Month

June is here, and that means it is Men’s Health Month! This month we celebrate the amazing men in our lives and raise awareness about the unique health challenges they face.⁣

Gentlemen, remember that self-care is not selfish; it’s an investment in your overall health and happiness. Take this opportunity to take inventory of your habits, make positive changes, and prioritize your health. Afterall, a healthy man is a strong man!

To kick-start Men’s Health Month, we are thrilled to announce our new program catered to fathers: Optimal Dad. Our team of experts are passionate about Men’s Health and helping dads live their most optimal dad life. With decades of combined experience, we are helping tackle issues related to testosterone, heart health, and metabolic disorders like diabetes and obesity. We’re at the forefront of the latest techniques and treatments for everything from sexual wellness to body repair and recovery. For fathers, it is crucial to prioritize their health for the sake of their children and future generations, setting an example of what optimal living truly looks like.⁣

Start the journey and book a 45-minute Optimal Dad consult with one of our Men’s Health experts for only $99 from now until June 16 only! Consults can be made in person in Meridian or Eagle, or virtually nationwide! This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dad. To secure a spot, we highly recommend planning ahead and booking a consult; don’t miss out on the opportunity to schedule your visit and ensure you receive the care you need by reserving an appointment at this special Father’s Day rate.⁣

To learn more and conveniently book a consult online, go to www.renew-institute.com/optimaldad or call (208) 609-9130 today. Don’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to your health – we are here to partner with you on the journey to becoming an Optimal Dad!

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