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The Testosterone Dilemma

In 2023, the testosterone levels of men in their 30s are resembling those of a 60-year-old man in 1980. Due to many factors, testosterone is in trouble and under attack. However, there are powerful strategies you can implement to combat the elements and optimize your testosterone levels to experience peak performance!

Here are seven practical steps you can begin making TODAY:

1. Ditch refined sugars: Say no to refined sugars, as they can lead to increased insulin levels, which in turn decreases testosterone. Recent research suggests that consuming refined sugars can reduce a man’s T-levels by as much as 25%.

2. Prioritize quality sleep: Ensure you get 7+ hours of quality sleep each night. Men who sleep less than 7 hours have testosterone levels equivalent to those of men 15 years older. Improve your sleep quality by incorporating magnesium, avoiding caffeine 8 hours before bed, dimming lights 2 hours before bed, avoiding screens an hour before bed, and maintaining a cooler room temperature.

3. Limit alcohol consumption: Cut back on alcohol, as it increases the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that can hinder testosterone synthesis. Alcohol negatively impacts sleep, decreases motivation for exercise, increases unhealthy cravings, and contributes to mood swings.

4. Fuel your body with proper nutrition: Treat food as medicine and prioritize a balanced diet. Make protein the centerpiece of each meal and incorporate healthy carbs such as vegetables and fruits. Include healthy fats like avocados, fish, eggs, and fermented dairy products. Adopting this kind of diet will positively transform your body’s composition over time.

5. Harness the power of sunlight: Spend 30 minutes in direct sunlight 2-3 times a week. Studies have shown that sunlight exposure can increase testosterone production by up to 70%. Not only will this boost your testosterone, but it will also enhance your sleep, mood, recovery, immunity, and reduce feelings of sadness.

6. Lift heavy: Engage in resistance training, as it has been proven to be the most effective form of exercise for increasing testosterone levels. Just one 30-minute weightlifting session can boost testosterone by nearly 22%. Committing to a 3-day-a-week weightlifting routine for four weeks will help maintain high T-levels.

7. Get accountability and expert guidance: Incorporating natural and effective lifestyle choices can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Renew Institute, our Men’s Health experts are here to support you in restoring and elevating your testosterone levels. By partnering with us, you can go from feeling lethargic and suboptimal to a man full of vitality and at his best!

Start your journey to becoming an Optimal Man by booking a consultation today with our Men’s Health experts. Low testosterone levels are negatively impacting the quality of life for men more than ever before, and you don’t need to be one of them! Begin your journey today.

Real Optimal Man Testimonial: “I am beyond grateful for the incredible transformation I have experienced thanks to Renew Institute’s Optimal Man program. In just a few short weeks, my life has changed in ways I never thought possible. My wife has been blown away by the difference in me, and I now wake up feeling like a completely new man every single day. Perhaps the most incredible part of this journey has been the impact on my family. My four kids now have a new dad – one who is full of energy, vitality, with enthusiasm for life.” -Samuel C.

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