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The Great Health Reset In 2024

by Functional Medicine of Idaho

We are only weeks away from the New Year, which means it’s time to plan for a complete health Reset! Join the FMI Wellness Team on Tuesday, January 9th, 2024 for our transformative 7-week Reset program! Designed to reduce inflammation in the body, reset natural metabolic function, and restore health and wellness, Reset is perfect for both patients and non-patients alike. Invite a family member or friend to go through this life-altering program with you! Together, you’ll learn how to nourish your body and build habits that support long-term health.

Spots are limited, so click here to learn more and conveniently sign up, or call (208) 385-7711 ext. 302 to register today!

“I was amazed by how much my body changed in just 7 weeks! I not only lost weight, but I feel healthy, have more energy, and sleeping a lot better.” – Tammy FC (Reset Participant)

Program Benefits:
→ Health reboot, habit reset, and lifestyle optimization
→ Supportive group for lifestyle changes and connections
→ Addressing chronic inflammatory conditions and autoimmune diseases
→ Stabilizing blood sugar, managing chronic conditions
→ Enhancing gut microbiome and detox functions
→ Elevating life satisfaction and self-confidence

Expected Outcomes:
→ Optimal nutritional support for toxin elimination
→ Identification of allergies, sensitivities, and triggers
→ Reduced exposure to toxins and inflammatory foods
→ Metabolic reset and improved gut health

The Food Plan:
→ Advancing beyond Elimination protocol
→ Removing inflammatory foods for detox and immune boost
→ Learning to replace processed foods with nutrient-rich alternatives

Program Includes:
→ 7 appointments
→ Comprehensive Program Booklet
→ 2 BIA assessments

Location & Schedule:
→ FMI Meridian Wellness Center: 2939 West Excursion Lane Meridian, Idaho 83642
→ January 9th – February 20th

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