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The New FMI Membership!

Did you know the average Practitioner sees 25 patients a day? At Functional Medicine of Idaho, we are different and we definitely are not average. FMI is a rare gem in the Treasure Valley because we are patient-centered, with our Functional Practitioners spending longer visits — up to an hour — to assess our patients’ health needs and goals for healing. By establishing a Patient and Practitioner partnership, Functional Medicine of Idaho is transforming Healthcare by giving the patient the ultimate power to heal!

Additionally, we are different because FMI is the rare Functional Clinic in the country that accepts insurance. Yes, this is a BIG deal! FMI focuses on a proactive approach to care as opposed to reacting to problems only after they appear. This allows us to identify potential diseases long before they become an issue, affording our clients more choices and often giving less invasive and less expensive choices to care. Our commitment to making Functional Healthcare accessible to families compels us to continue accepting insurance, despite traditional insurance not fully recognizing our high-level, high-touch approach.

Passion fuels our commitment to delivering exceptional Healthcare to our community which is why we are thrilled to introduce the new FMI Membership, designed to sustain accessibility to our unparalleled care and meet your needs for years to come!

FMI Membership: Access To Functional Care + 10 Exclusive Benefits (For Individual Adults Only)

#1. Two-Way Texting With Our Client Specialist Team For All Scheduling Needs:

As an FMI member, simply send a text message to connect with a live (human) FMI Client Relation Specialist who can promptly assist you in booking your next visit! Skip the phone lines and conveniently send a text!

#2. One Heart Math Session Per Year With Our Certified Health Coach:

Learn how to lower cortisol (your stress hormone) with a proven biofeedback technique called Heart Math. We offer a complimentary session with our licensed Health Coach, where you’ll collaboratively identify challenges, find motivation, and create a realistic plan for lasting lifestyle modifications.

#3. Convenient Portal Messaging Support:

Receive a seamless healthcare experience by getting answers to non-emergency related questions, the ability to have access to digital documents and labs, as well as effortlessly managing prescriptions—all within the convenience of your secure patient portal.

#4. 30% Off Perspire Sauna Studio Discount:

For FMI members only, receive a free intro sauna session with Perspire Sauna Studio in Boise and Meridian ($20 savings) and an additional 30% off Friends & Family discount on all Perspire Sauna Memberships! Locations: Boise & Eagle; Meridian coming soon!

#5. 20% Off Thermography Scans:

Thermography plays a crucial role in proactive breast or thyroid health programs for both men and women seeking a non-invasive imaging service. This contactless and radiation-free alternative is essential for those who prioritize preventive measures.

#6. 20% Off All FMI Events:

Participate in engaging events hosted by FMI, featuring quarterly programs such as “Reset” and informative monthly provider seminars. FMI members will receive a 20% off discount on all events, ensuring you have access to enriching opportunities throughout the year.

#7. 10% Off Supplement Discount:

Exclusive to FMI members, receive a 10% discount on both in-clinic and on-line supplement purchases at www.funmedshop.com. We carry hundreds of the highest quality supplements with responsible sourcing and the utmost commitment to purity.

#8. Access To A Team Of Supplement Specialists:

Our expert team of Supplement Specialists is dedicated to addressing your every question about supplements. We understand how overwhelming supplementation can be, so whether you’re seeking guidance on supplement education or recommended dosages, our experts are readily available at every location and can be reached through phone calls or the patient portal to provide comprehensive support and answers.

#9. 10% Off IV Therapy, Sauna & Ionic Foot Baths:

Get 10% off IV Therapies, Infrared Sauna usage, and Ionic Foot Baths. Experience a rejuvenating boost with IV Therapy, where essential nutrients are delivered directly into your bloodstream, promoting enhanced energy and vitality. Elevate your health routine further with the detoxifying benefits of Infrared Sauna and Ionic Foot Baths, providing a holistic approach to relaxation and cleansing for renewed wellness.

#10. Specialty Kits At Cost With No Additional Fees:

Upon your medical provider’s recommendation, you might be advised to undergo advanced tests to identify the underlying cause of your symptoms. As an FMI member, you’ll only be responsible for the cost of the Specialty Kit at the rate FMI acquires them, resulting in significant annual savings for you!

Take the next step towards a healthier you in 2024! The FMI Membership is $39.99/month or a $439/year upfront annual payment (which means you get 1 month free)! Refer a family member or friend and get a month free!

If you are a current FMI patient and would like to activate your FMI Membership in January, you can do so by calling/texting (208) 385-7711 today or sending an email to membership@funmedidaho.com.

Got questions? We have answers! Click here to read frequently asked questions about the FMI Membership.

Join us today at Functional Medicine of Idaho, where we are committed to Helping People Flourish!

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