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Disease Prevention

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The Rise of Chronic Disease in Young Adults

Chronic diseases are long-term conditions that can arise from a combination of environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors. These conditions encompass cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, autoimmune disorders, and obesity and are responsible for a staggering 74 PERCENT of all global deaths annually, affecting around 41 million people. While traditionally associated with

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The Truth About Seed Oils

Ditch the inflammation and switch to healthier oils! Seed oils, which are commonly used in many households, can be highly inflammatory due to their processing methods that involve high heat, solvents, and chemicals. Seed oils we recommend limiting or staying away from include: Corn, Safflower, Sunflower, Vegetable, Canola, Rapeseed, and

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Success Story: Cardiovascular Disease

What can functional medicine offer in addition to a traditional approach to cardiovascular disease? First, it’s important to note that the best approach is a team-based approach in disease diagnosis and treatment. Adding functional medicine or a root cause analysis to traditional medicine in disease management and treatment is synergistic.

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coronavirus 101

Coronavirus 101

Our job at FMI is to ensure our patients are educated in how to protect themselves and their families from contracting and spreading this virus. There have been NO cases in Idaho, but we want to ensure we are on the front lines of this. In the unfortunate instance that

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Optimizing Vitamin D Levels Throughout Winter

The days are becoming darker and shorter as winter approaches, limiting the availability of sunlight and natural vitamin D.  Maintaining optimal vitamin D levels through sunlight, food and supplements is key to bone health and minimizes deficiency symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, frequent sickness, and depression. Because only a handful

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