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Health Concerns

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FMI same day care

FMI: Your Same-Day Care Solution

It’s the season for sniffles and sneezes and we’ve got your same-day health needs covered! At FMI, we are the functional alternative. If you or your little one is facing a health concern needing same-day or next-day attention, look no further than our expanded acute care services in Meridian! Our

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Person with Flu

Prepping For Flu Season

Flu season is fast approaching, and we wanted to share our functional approach to staying healthy into this fall and winter. As practitioners who look at the whole picture of a person’s health, we believe that diet, lifestyle and supplement protocols can be utilized to create the first line of

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Success Story: Cardiovascular Disease

What can functional medicine offer in addition to a traditional approach to cardiovascular disease? First, it’s important to note that the best approach is a team-based approach in disease diagnosis and treatment. Adding functional medicine or a root cause analysis to traditional medicine in disease management and treatment is synergistic.

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Air Quality Effects on Your Health

Interested in an Austin Air Purifier? We would love to send you more information or help you place a pre-order. Please fill out the form below and one of our team members will give you a call. The air quality in our valley right now can cause both acute and

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coronavirus 101

Coronavirus 101

Our job at FMI is to ensure our patients are educated in how to protect themselves and their families from contracting and spreading this virus. There have been NO cases in Idaho, but we want to ensure we are on the front lines of this. In the unfortunate instance that

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non GMO vs Organic

Non-GMO Vs. Organic

The USDA Organic seal and the Non-GMO Project seal are prevalent on many food labels, but what exactly do they mean and what is the difference? We’ve outlined the differences below, so that you’ll have more clarity the next time you go grocery shopping. Let’s start with GMOs. The Non-GMO

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Diminishing Stress With Breath Work

Just breathe. It sounds so rudimentary and simple, doesn’t it?   Most of us are unaware that as we go about our days, we are holding our breath and shallow breathing.  The more stress we encounter, the more we subconsciously do this. These actions actually send a “stress” signal to our

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Optimizing Vitamin D Levels Throughout Winter

The days are becoming darker and shorter as winter approaches, limiting the availability of sunlight and natural vitamin D.  Maintaining optimal vitamin D levels through sunlight, food and supplements is key to bone health and minimizes deficiency symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, frequent sickness, and depression. Because only a handful

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Fighting Disease with Broccoli Sprouts

Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, Bok choy, arugula, brussels sprouts, collards, watercress and radishes) are high in sulforaphane, a powerful, disease-fighting phytochemical that provides many positive effects on the body. It assists in the detox process by fighting free radicals (unstable atoms that cause damage in the body and

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Optimizing The First 1,000 Days of Life

“The first 1000 days of life are instrumental for clinical destiny.” -Alessio Fasano, MD, and Chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition at Mass General Hospital in Boston Dr. Fasano, a world-renowned pediatric gastroenterologist, pioneered the thought process behind leaky gut and resulting health conditions that develop later in life. His

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