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FMI same day care

FMI: Your Same-Day Care Solution

It’s the season for sniffles and sneezes and we’ve got your same-day health needs covered! At FMI, we are the functional alternative. If you or your little one is facing a health concern needing same-day or next-day attention, look no further than our expanded acute care services in Meridian! Our

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Healthy School Year Essentials

As we approach the upcoming school season, we would like to discuss some essential back-to-school products that can provide valuable support for your children in various ways! Firstly, let’s talk about Elderberry Syrup. This remarkable product not only boasts a pleasant taste but also offers significant antiviral properties. It can be incorporated into

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kids immunity

How to Support Your Child’s Immune System

The winter cold and flu season concerns parents every year, but the addition of the Coronavirus has increased the attention on immunity boosting tactics for children more than ever! Our pediatric team has compiled their recommendations to help your kids face the winter flu season with maximum immune support. Sleep

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